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InspectAll makes it easy to find your accounts, no matter how many you have. Limit the number of Folders displayed on the web or on the mobile by searching for specific ID's, accounts, or types.

Find a Folder

Mobile Instructions

  1. Tap Folders from the main navigation bar.
  2. Tap Folder List view.
  3. Tap the search bar at the top of the folder list.
  4. Enter the folder's Account, ID, or Type one letter or number at a time.
  5. Tap Folder you are looking for.Search for a Folder Mobile

Web Instructions

Quick Search

  1. Use the Quick Search bar at the top right on the web.
  2. Enter the Folder ID and click on the folder from the search results.

Basic Folder Search

  1. Navigate to Folders.
  2. Select Open or Closed folders to display.  If you want to see both Open and Closed folders at once, just make sure neither option is clicked.
  3. Click Sort to reorder folder by Newest, Oldest, Most Recent, Least Recent, Folder ID, Recently Closed, or Account Name.
  4. click </> to scroll through the list.

Filter by Folder Type

  1. Select the folder type or types you want to filter by (on the left hand side under "Search Folders".
  2. Deselect the folder type to remove the filter.

Advanced Folder Search

Enter one or all of the search fields to refine your folder search as much as you want or need. NOTE: You do not need to enter all of the fields to use the advance search.

  1. Click Search:Folders.
  2. Enter Folder ID.
  3. Enter Account Name or Account ID.
  4. Enter folder description.
  5. Enter the dates you are interested in.
  6. Click Select under Schedule Period search by a length of time.
  7. Select Scheduled to me to see only folder scheduled to you.
  8. Click Search.

    Search for a Folder

You can also use your folder filters to create a report of previously completed folders for a time period.  For instance, if you wanted to see all the MONTHLY inspections you did last month, use these filters to First, Select the "Monthly Inspection" folder type.

Then use your additional filters to filter by time frame, and download your report.

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