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The most important part of the form is the questions themselves. InspectAll allows for a wide variety of types of questions because there is a wide variety of information you need. Questions within the form are organized under headings. Each question added will allow a user to input an answer, add comments, photos, and other resources to the question.

Each question you create will have the following properties:

  • Question: The question or instructions you want the user to respond to with an answer.
  • Definition: Any extra information that may help the user in answering the question.
  • Required: If a question is marked required, the mobile user will not be able to complete the form until all required questions are answered.

Some questions have extra options depending on the type of question.

  • Default Value: (All questions except Signature & Sketch) This can be used as an example answer to assist the user in answering the question.
  • Answer List: (Only Multi-Select and Single-Select questions) This is used as the list of available answers for the user to choose from. Each answer list you create will have the following properties:
  • List Name: The name of the answer list (not visible to the user when filling out the form). A list that contained Pass, Fail, and Not Applicable as the available answers may have a list name of "Pass / Fail / NA".
  • Share to All Forms / This Form Only: Sharing to all forms makes the answers list available to all forms. Use this for generic answer lists like "Grade 1 - 10". Sharing to this form only will restrict the list to the current form you are building. Use this for specific answer lists like "Tire Pressure Low / Tire Pressure OK".
  • Answers: These will be the available answers to choose from on the question. Each answer can have the following properties:
  • Abbr: An abbreviation of the answer. Set an abbreviation if your user's are viewing the form on the iPhone or if they are familiar with an already existing abbreviated format on your forms.

  • Answer: The answer you want available from the list of choices.
  • Priority: Choose the level of priority you want associated with the answer.
  • Text Color: The color you want the text of the answer to display as.
  • Score: For more complicated answers, you may want to have a scoring system. For example, an answer of "Yes" may give the question 5 points, but an answer of "No" may give 0 points.
  • Default: The option that the answer should default to during auto-complete.

After creating your question, you can add additional helpful resources to that question.

  • Canned Comment: Save comments so that they will be available on everyone's question to use and save for later.
  • Resources: Text information that will be available to the user for viewing when answering the question.
  • Files: You can upload files and images that will be viewable to the user when answering the question.

Add a Headings

The headings are used to group questions on the form. Adding a heading is the first step to building a form.

  1. Click (Your Name) > Form Builder
  2. Click into the class, then form that you want to work in.
  3. Click Add Heading.
  4. Fill in the name of your heading. (50 char limit)
  5. Click Save.

Add a Question

  1. Simply drag or tap the type of question you'd like to add to your form.
  2. Enter the Question, Definition, Available Answers or Default Answer as desired.
  3. Click Save.

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