Adding and Editing Account Contacts

Contacts is a feature found in your Accounts that allows you to store individual contact information for your customers.  

You are able to add as many Contacts to an account as you would like, and field users are able to see the contacts on the mobile device as well.

From the Web

To access an account's contacts, click on the "Account" tab.

Find the account, and click the blue arrow button beside the account to go into the account folder.

Click on the "Contact" button to view, edit, or add contacts.

Click the Green "Add Contact" button to add a new contact.

Then enter any information on that contact in the fields provided.  Click "Create Contact" when finished.

To edit an existing contact, click the blue pencil.  The red circle will delete the contact.

From the Mobile

Click on "Accounts" from the menu.
Choose the customer.  

If contacts have been assigned to the account, you will see a number beside that field here.  Tap on the "contacts" option.

Tap on the contact to see their information, or tap the + sign to add a new contact for this customer.

Download a list of your contacts

As an Admin user, you can download a list of all contacts in an account.  Just go to the Insights tab on the web, and under the Exports section, click on "Contacts Export".  You will get an Excel report with all contacts for all accounts.

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