Team Set up for Premium Customer Access

How to Set Up Premium Customer Access Accounts

These customer access logins allow your customer to see all things associated with their account, but no other account.  They will have read only access and are not able to edit, delete, or add information.  They will be able to run reports on their assets, job folders, and forms, as well as download asset lists.

These Premium Customer Access logins are based on the Teams set up.
If you make adjustments to Teams for any reason after setting up your premium customer access, be cognizant of the other user logins so that you don't affect what they see.

Here's how it works:

  • Each of your premium customers should have their own login (Add a user), and web only access (permissions).
  • Their login does not allow creation, deletion, or editing of any kind (it's read only, so remove create, edit, and delete permissions from their user login).
  • Each customer has their own "Team" (Add a team and add ONLY their account and user login to that team).
  • Their account is the ONLY account on their particular team.
  • Their user login is the ONLY user on their individual Team.
  • All accounts have been removed from the default "All Users" team.
  • All accounts have been added to another team or teams so that your technicians and administrators can see all information they need to.

Here's How to Set it up:

Step 1:  Set up your Teams
  • Remove All Accounts from the All Users team (Go to Teams on the Admin menu, select the "All Users" Account, and click on "Remove All"

  • Add accounts to the teams that you already have created (based on which accounts you want each team to see).
  • Create a new Team for your Premium Customer Access
  • Add the Account for which you are setting up the Premium Customer Access to that team.
Step 2:  Set up the User Login
  • Add a user for each customer for whom you want to have Premium Access to InspectAll
  • Enter their First and Last Name (Or enter first name as "Premium Customer Access" and their Last name as the Account Name).
  • Enter the email address the customer will use to access the system, and a generic password such as "password".
  • Set up the user information as follows:
  • Roles:  Web Access (remove mobile and admin access)

  • Permissions: Uncheck all permissions (Create, Edit, Delete)

  • Teams:  Add the user to the Team you set up for them in Step 1

Step 3:  Give your customer access

When you are ready for your customer to have access to their information, provide your customers with these instructions for access:

  • Go to
  • Click "Sign In" to access your account
  • Your login is your email address
  • Your password is password
  • Change your password by logging in and clicking on the drop down menu at the top right under your name.
  • Select "My Profile"
  • Update your password here and save

Note:  When you add new accounts, make sure you are assigning them only to teams for the technicians and admins.  Likewise if you add more users that aren't premium customer access level.

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