Changing asset locations on forms

Change an asset location


Locations allow you to further define where an asset is at an account.  The location is tied to the asset, but is also noted on each asset tracking form you create.

To change an asset location, you can either change the location within the asset itself (on the web or mobile), thus leaving the previously tagged location for the asset on all previously created forms, or change the location from within the form (on the mobile or web), which will also change the location on the asset itself (but will NOT change the location on previously created forms)  

Changing the asset location from within the asset itself

- Click on the asset (on the web, in the assets tab, on the mobile, from the account > assets)

- Edit the asset

- Update the location

This action will change the location on the asset itself (for all future forms), but not on any forms that have already been added to a folder or completed).

Changing the asset location on a form

- Go into the form (on the web or mobile)

- From the web, click "Form Details" and update the location there

- From the mobile, update the location at the top of the form

This action will change both the location on the form you are currently in, as well as change the location on the asset itself for all future forms.  It will NOT change the location on previously created forms.

Change the asset location for all forms within a folder

From the Mobile:

- Click on the folder details, and update the location here.

- You will see a message that asks if you want to update the location for all assets within that folder.  Click YES.

From the Web:

- Go into the folder

- Click on the blue pencil icon to edit the folder details

- Update the location here and click "Update folder"

This action will update the location on all forms and assets within that folder.  It will not update the location on previously created or completed forms outside of that folder.

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