Folder Reports


Forms that are completed inside folders are not just filled out and filed away. The data that is collected inside a folder can be turned into a meaningful and comprehensive report that will summarize all of the forms. Once you download a folder report, you can email the report, save it, or print the report to ensure that the information collected goes to the right people.

Download a Folder

Mobile Instructions

Note: To fetch the report, you must be connected to a WiFi or cellular network.

  1. Tap the Folder you want to download a report for by locating it in the app.
  2. Tap Share in the top right of the screen.
  3. Select Download Report.
  • Note: If you have both complete and incomplete forms in your folder, you will be asked whether you want to Downalod Completed Only or Download All. If you select completed only, the report will not display any Forms on the report that were not marked complete.
  1. Wait while changes are synchronized and the report is generated on InspectAll’s servers. Note: Fetching a report could take up to 5 minutes depending on the quantity of forms you have in the folder. For this reason, we suggest you keep the number of forms in a folder to a manageable number.
  2. Tap Share to email, save, or print the report.

    Download Folder Report Mobile

Web Instructions

  1. Navigate to the individual folder's page from anywhere within the application.
  2. Click Download Report.
  3. Choose the options to:
  • Order Forms By
  • Choose a File Format
  • Choose a Report Type
  • Upload the Report to Folder Files
  1. Click Download Report.
  2. Follow your browser's download prompts to open or save the document.

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