How do I remove a User?

Your company's security one of our top priorities. Making sure only authorized users have access to InspectAll is critical to that security. If you want to restrict a user from logging into InspectAll, we recommend setting the user's status to inactive or deleting the user as opposed to just changing their password. This will ensure that their email address will not be allowed access and that they cannot reset their password themselves.

Both inactive and deleted users will not be counted towards the user limit in your pricing plan (since they cannot login).

Delete a User

Deleted users will not be able to login to InspectAll. They also will not be counted as a user for billing purposes.

  1. Click (Your Name) > Users after logging in at
  2. Find the user you would like to delete.
  3. Click Delete User.
  4. Click Yes, delete the user to confirm that you want to delete the user.

    Delete a User

Make a User Inactive

Inactive users will not be able to login to InspectAll.

  1. Click (Your Name) > Users in the web app.
  2. Click the Edit icon to the right of the user's name.
  3. Select Yes/No to answer "Allow the user to login?"
  4. Click Update User.

    Deactivate a User

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