What is the Schedule Window?

The sync window is crucial to keeping the mobile user's device relevant and fast. The sync window determines how many days of scheduled folders and forms will be shown to you in the mobile app.

Get a Folder Back on your Mobile App

You'll have to go into the web app and schedule the folder to yourself again.

Update your Schedule Window

  1. Click Your Name > General Settings.
  2. Click the first box to update how many days in the past folders should show to mobile users.
  3. Click the second box to update how many days folders scheduled in the future should display to mobile users.
  4. Click Update General Settings.

Note: Updating the sync window can help you see more folders and forms in the past and future, but it can also cause delays during your initial sync (especially when working without a WiFi connection). We suggest a sync window of 30 days before today and 30 days after today.

Sync Window

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