Schedule One Folder


Web users can schedule folders to mobile users, and mobile users can access those folders from anywhere. A folder can be scheduled from the web to one user or to an entire team depending on how your department works.

Scheduling from the web isn't the only way to schedule folders! Mobile users can schedule new folders or edit their existing schedule. Scheduling will go a long way to keeping your mobile device organized.

Schedule a Folder

Mobile Instructions

  1. Tap Folders from the Main Menu.
  2. Tap +.
  3. Fill in the New Folder details as desired:
    • Folder ID: If you do not enter a specific ID, we will auto generate one for you.
    • Folder Type: Required, Select the type of folder you'd like to create.
    • Account: Required.
    • Location
    • Description
    • Schedule Details: Select a start and end time to schedule your folder. You can also add a note for the person(s) you share the folder with.
    • Share Folder With: Select people to share the folder with. The folder will display in their schedule as well as yours.
  4. Tap Create Folder.

    Schedule A Folder Mobile

Web Instructions

  1. Navigate to the individual folder from anywhere within the web application.
  2. Click on the Schedule tab (with the calendar).
  3. Click Add to add a schedule.
  4. Fill in the schedule details as necessary.
  5. Click Create Schedule after all changes are made.

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